Living The Pin Life With Rep It Supply

I am a lover for dev stickers – have you seen my laptop?! I find that you can learn a lot about a person via their laptop cover. If you look at mine, you’ll know that I am a developer, i love coffee, my laptop is my boyfriend, and i live in atlanta – maybe . Funny to report that I have been recognized from a far just by my laptop! When social media + real life collides..


But truth is, I am running out of space, and I have been thinking about collecting pins for some time now. Well, happy to report that my quest is over – Rep It Supply found me, and my oh-so-pin-collecting-life is about to begin! NERD

From a blend of minimalistic design, to a fun + colourful instagram (branding is everything, guys!) account, I knew I had to make this account my first IG purchase – yay, power of social media marketing!

The folks over at Rep It Supply have been kind enough to share a 10% code off any orders with “CODEGIRLCODE” – thanks, Haris! Stay tuned for more designs & make sure to sign up on their newsletter for more upcoming info + collabs!