Learn To Code With Laurence Bradford

Learning how to code is frustrating, rewarding, caffeinated, vivid, and just kickarse! I wont’ sugarcoat it, it was hard at the beginning! Especially for someone who knew close to nothing prior to entering a 3-month coding bootcamp. But, I made it, and now I have awesome superpower skills!

Spoiler Alert: So can YOU!

Fear still remains, but it has turned into positive type of fear. Nowadays, we have a lot of resources, podcasts, meetup groups, conferences, workshops, and our favourite, the internet.

Then, you have Laurence Bradford! A self-taught developer who helps others learn how to code! Learntocodewith.me is an outlet to those looking into coding, and gain digital skills. Laurence has been featured on SkillCrushOne MonthUSA TodayMashable, and more!


In addition to learntocodewith.me, Laurence now offers a podcast, and we love it! Learn to Code With Me Podcast breaks the fear away, and empowers you to want to learn how to code + make money! Episode 1 begins with an intro by Laurence herself, and the story on how she began coding while journeying in Bangkok. Later on Adda, Founder + CEO of SkillCrush comes in, and shares her story, and how she begin to make money as an entry-level developer to now owning one of the top online learning schools – SkillCrush! More successful stories follows with Chris Lee, Co-Founder of Launch School, and Astrid Countee speaks of about combining Passion with Coding, and the Freelance path with Joyce Akiko.

PS. I have had the pleasure of being featured on Learntocodewith.me Podcast - you can find our episode here - Vegan Blogger Turned Techie

The episodes range between 30 mins long, and highly engaging- no time for yawns! I am really excited to see where Learn To Code With Me Podcast goes, and the upcoming episodes! Subscribe, listen, learn, and code your way to life with Learn to Code With Me!