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How soon can I expect my order?

(Taken from Peecho's Delivery FAQ) Because all products are produced on demand, the delivery estimate depends on both production time and shipping.

  • Paperbacks and magazines are ready for dispatch in 4 working days.

Shipping within the EU and US takes between 2 to 5 working days. The rest of the world may take up to 10 days or more.

*International orders may be subject to import duties and customs taxes. All incurred charges are the responsibility of the buyer: UNTOUCHD Magazine has no control over these. Any questions or queries for customs policies must be made to your local customs office.

Can I buy more than one different issues at a time?

Unfortunately, no! Because we are using a print-on-demand service, each issues are made on demand, separately. We're truly sorry for any multiple shipping costs. If purchasing for more than 5 (five) different shipping addresses, email us ( for a discounted code.

* We're going to continue to work on a solution for this... Our sincere apologies until then!

What should I do if I don’t receive an issue?

Please let us know at: cc: Subject Line: Shipping

Where does UNTOUCHD deliver?

UNTOUCHD Magazine ships worldwide via Peecho

Can I order any back issues in print?

Yes! We are currently running via print-on-demand. No inventory for us!

What are the different shipping costs?

Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout once the country to which the shipment is being sent has been specified. You will be aware of the shipping cost before submitting your order. Please note that Peecho, our print-on-demand printer provides a tracking number once the order is confirmed.

General FAQ

i love your magazine! how can i become a contributor?

Aw, thank you! We couldn't do it without you, honestly! UNTOUCHD is a community-based publication, and we are open to contributors! If your content fits our brand + theme of the season, we'd love to review it with you, and take the next steps necessary! Keep an eye out for our call to contributors/ or email

How can i read untouchd magazine?


2. PDF format! You can read us through any readers! If on your computer, we love to view it in a two-page window. Simply download the issue, click preview, select "two-paged", and full screen! Voila! Download us here!

How much is the digital issue of untouchd?

My friend, the finest things in life are f r e e... Okay, that's not entirely true, have you looked at the cost of a water bottle these days? But yes, our digital copy is free - always! Our mission is to encourage more women (men included) into a new field. By making our digital copy accessible to all, we hope that this will help inspire newcomers to comfortably dive into one of the many layers of tech!


will you have print issues?

Yup! You can now purchase a limited edition of UNTOUCHD Magazine for a flat rate of $20** here. We are offering our issues as a print-on-demand service. 

** (Shipping not included)

I am a company and would love to sponsor to your publication, how can we help?

Wow, thank YOU! It truly means a lot that you're interested to work together! We'd love to share our package option with you, send us an email with your company's intro + how you're willing to sponsor -

we love how visually-driven, and gorgeous your issues are! a total eye-catcher!

Blush! Thank YOU! That's one of our main goals, to make it pretty! HA! But really, we love a good minimalist design, and a fresh feel - that's our brand! We have been fortunate to work with some amazing photographers - meet them: Surita Vongsykeo, Lourdes Sukari, and Taji Harris

Want to work with us? Email -