Veme, Zork and 😂 … What’s it all mean?

Editor's Note: This article is written by Kathleen Reid, of Switchboard PR. Here at UNTOUCHD, we are strong believers of #girlpower + women supporting each other - all through their entrepreneurial road! We love what Team Veme is doing, and can't wait to add a little "zorking" in our lives, too! - Holy, EIC.
Vanessa Dayton, Founder + CEO of Veme

Vanessa Dayton, Founder + CEO of Veme

Dull, lifeless memes got you 😒 ? No problem. You can haz better (calling all cat people).

Meet Veme. A video meme – a modern medium influencers and creators are using to share stories. The bite-sized aspect is what makes vemes modern and easy to integrate. Vemes will have you 😂. Veme is the only all-in-one platform to create, share and find vemes. We sat down with Veme’s Founder, Vanessa Dayton, to find out more and get on the list for beta-testing.

Sharing content through video is on the rise. According to Fortune, as of 2015, YouTube had a net worth of $ 70 billion. Even some of its users are banking millions on the platform, says Forbes. Here’s the problem: short-form video production to date has been expensive and time consuming. Half an hour plugging away at a desktop to create a 15 second clip about waking up to rain on a Monday morning? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Even creating GIFs can be unintuitive for those without technical prowess. Veme has arrived to evolve the world of social media and help you plan, create and share meaningful content through video. You can share stories, raise awareness and create impactful videos using Veme all from your mobile device in a matter of minutes.

Veme - A Network for 😂

Now available through the App Store.


We know an app is going to be great when all you need is an emoticon to explain what it does. To Veme, the tears of joy emoticon symbolizes an acknowledgement of common ground, good or bad. When you think about it, bravely sharing a perspective is what can unite us with fellow human beings. In the age of social media, laughter represents a deeper layer of connection. We laugh because it's true!

Veme is in the beta-testing phase and is currently available for Android and iOS for users.

If you go to you can beta-test the app and be the first to create your own Vemes. It’s going to up your social media game and create more impactful stories. If you were the first on Snapchat, you need to be the first one to use this tool. Social is about to get even more FUN and video is going to get easier. So much ❤ !

Veme - Create Video Memes Quickly + Easy! 

What do we love most about Veme? Veme is a female-led team of go-getters, full of personality and many dance parties. As a founder and CEO of a startup, Dayton (also known as “Crystel Clear”) does everything from app development, to reviewing the launch strategy to raising funds in the valley. She is building a culture of openness and accessibility and is passionate about changing the cold and impersonal way many of us interact with each other in work settings. She calls this shift “Zorking.” Why work when you could zork? Veme is currently looking for development talent so if you’re interested, send them a DM.

“We are on a mission to hire creatives who can get on board with our zork culture,” Vanessa told us. “Who you truly are is the unique masterpiece that we strive to uncover and optimize as a working team. That’s what zorking is all about! Balancing productivity, play and embracing real connections as a tool to get great things done.”

As Veme is in the early stages, Vanessa and the team are frequently flying from Vancouver, Canada to San Francisco. They are in the process of raising money to continue research and development and launch the product. Feel free to DM and connect with Vanessa here. She loves to chat about island adventuring, outer space, and the latest dancehall moves.

Veme is looking for feedback and to get others excited about a new way to share social content. If you’re looking for the next big thing, look no further. They’re stepping up video in a big way and have REAL and POWERFUL conversations through Vemes. To connect with Veme ( We’re excited to have you laughing, sharing content and ZORKING with them.