The 5 Keys To STEM Success You Want To Take With You With Jake Voorhees!

One of the reasons I love Instagram is its community. Over the past two years, I have grown a following that I dearly love. I engage with my regulars, and have even become pen pals (texting included), to meeting - even if this meant a plane ride. When you have a community with you while learning, your journey becomes more satisfying, you become more eager to share, and seek help. That's how my story began..! I am so thankful, and happy to see how far some of us has come!

When I stumbled upon Jake's IG profile (@jakevoor), founder of 1% Engineer, and YouTube personality of 1% Engineer Show, the first thing I felt through my screen was his passion,. I admired what he was accomplishing, and bringing to his channel, and online audience. Being a pursuer of a STEM career focused field can be shown as intimidating, but trust us when we say to EMPOWER IT!

Today, Jakes shares his personal 5 Keys to STEM Success! and we hope that you take them with you, and run for your goals!

Jake Voorhees runs a non-profit community for 'Empowering Young Engineers' called The 1% Engineer Society. The tribe supports student and young engineers with career advice, job connections, and soft-skill teachings like communication and networking techniques. If you'd like to become a 1% Engineer, you can apply. For being a fan of Code Girl Code, we're giving away our Top 10 Job Hunting Tips For STEM Pros guide to all applicants!



Five Keys To STEM Success!

Jake Voorhees, Founder of 1% Engineer.


Mindset is everything in this world. I'll reference Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, and author of "Mindset". Mindset is the foundation of accomplishment. Many people strive to stick to what they know already, rather than to grow and learn, which is challenging. This is a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset, which is what you should adopt for maximum success. Fixed mindset results in avoiding challenges, giving up easily on obstacles, refraining from maximum effort, ignoring constructive criticism, and feeling threatened by the success of others. However, a growth mindset individual will embrace challenges, persevere through tough obstacles, view effort as the gateway to mastery, accept constructive criticism, and feel inspired by the success of others. You cannot reach your full potential unless you are constantly improving, pushing yourself to be better, and doing things outside your comfort zone. That new coding methodology may be hard to learn, but in the end, you will be a stronger programmer afterwards.


In order to achieve a goal, a requirement for success is to start with the end in mind. Envision yourself crossing the finish line- the utmost belief, conviction, that you WILL succeed in accomplishing your goal. Let’s break this down into a more simplified manor, for example, when are interviewing for a new position. If you begin the day thinking “I probably won’t get the job”, then you most likely will not. This negativity will slightly alter all your behaviors: the confidence in your tone, the warmth in your eye contact, the energy in your communication gestures – everything. Believe that you WILL tackle the challenge, that you will absolutely own the interview, and every action during your day will follow suit positively and effectively.  

Attitude Attraction

Everyone wishes they could be a 10/10, be taller, more fit, better hair and eyes – you name it. It’s actually super simple to be more attractive to everyone around, and though it takes attention and effort, anyone can do it. Tony Robbins provides this example in his talks, and it’s all about being more positive! Negativity is a cancer. Complaining and being a pessimist helps nothing in life. No one wants to be around someone negative. Since your energy and attitude and emotion radiates around each of us like an aura, you are naturally more attractive to be around when you are positive and optimistic. People want to talk with you, want to spend more time with you, and want to give you more career opportunities because of your attitude.


It’s said that you are an average of the five people you spend the most time around. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire reminds his listeners of this after each of his podcasts and I 100% agree with him! We’re all raised with the parental concern about friends who may be “bad influences” and how our older siblings need to be a “positive role model”. However, it’s rare for adults to think about these stereotypically adolescent lessons. If goes without saying once you realize it, but if you spend more time around doers, executioners, go-getters, and so on, the chances of you following suit on similar actions is way higher! We as humans are easily influenced by our surroundings, so spend more time around people who are productive, ambitious, and trying to be the best career individual they can be. It will help you do more too!


We are decades into the physical health wave, about ten years into the healthy eating wave, and the current trending health paradigm is mental health! The word still carries heavy social stigma, i.e. if you use it people naturally think things like “nutcase”. However, headspace definitely needs to be talked about more nowadays. We live in an era of stress and information overload – giving your brain a break should become a part of everyone’s daily routine. It’s now scientifically proven that meditation helps to: reduce stress, enhance focus, improves listening ability, helps you sleep, and overall improves happiness.

One of the reasons why I’m creating my community, The 1% Engineers, is that I know there is this massive hole in the industry. No one is teaching people HOW to be successful in STEM / Engineering and you and I well know it has little to do with what you know, its all about who you know!!! It’s about networking and being an awesome person. I’ve realize this in the entrepreneur community, that ANYONE can be successful in business if they learn to meet well and influence people and are warm and charismatic. It’s not about how smart you are. You are ALWAYS in the people business, so once you have that down and work really hard, you will succeed. I apply much of this methodology to my teachings for The 1% Engineers.
— Jake Voorhees, Founder of 1% Engineer


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