Meet Terran: On How Her Passion, And Creativity Helped Turn Into Her Entrepreneurial Career At Herb'N Eden!

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending ATL Lady Project launch party. It was an inspiring evening filled laughters, smiles, and female entrepreneurs. There were 3 amazing speakers, and a whole lot to learn. One of the 3X3 speakers was Terran, Founder + Owner of Herb'N Eden Handcrafted Natural Soaps. Her story moved me. Terran shared with us all how she began, from her doubts to hopes, and finally her wins + current collaborations. It's always nice to see the end results when starting a business, but really, the journey itself is worth a thousand more.

Entrepreneurship has gained so much more attention! I mean, who wouldn't want to build their own hours, and income flow? We all do! One of the advantages of a career in tech is that you can build that freedom, but like everything else, it will require work. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with Terran about her start, how she balances her business, and passion-filled entrepreneurial road! 

Meet Terran, Owner + Founder of Herb'N Eden -

Handcrafted natural soaps.

Hi Terran, thank you for taking the time to chat with me today! I am so thankful to have crossed path with you! It was inspiring to hear your story at the ATL Bos Lady Project opening. I am an advocate for women entrepreneurship, and community building! Tell us a bit about you for our readers!

It’s an honor to be apart of such an awesome expression of creativity! I am Terran Lewis, the 25 year old creator of Herb’N Eden. I live in metro Atlanta with my husband Quinton, and we make soap out of our home. Aside from being a young entrepreneur, I enjoy yoga, attending markets, and co-hosting a podcast with my husband. Soap-making first piqued my interest when I was 23, while I was scrolling through a crafts book.

 We specialize in handmade all natural soap bars. This hobby soon turned into a business, when I recognized the opportunity to make a living from this passion. My husband and I currently work together building the business, & it’s so rewarding. The cool thing about soap making for me is the fact that soap is a daily essential. Not only that, but herbs and essential oils can be added, so we can experience them everyday. Our skin needs daily nourishment and cleansing to regulate toxins and unwanted bacteria.

Here at UNTOUCHD, we strongly embrace a balanced lifestyle - what helps keep you afloat during running your business? Guide us through what your day-to-day looks like!

The first thing I say to myself in the morning is “remember to keep up with your self”. My first order of business is self care. The morning shower is everything to me, I get to use the soap, gather my thoughts, and brush my teeth. Typically I do about 30 minutes of yoga in my living room to exercise and stretch.  At least 3 days out of the week we attend the market and others we have production days where we work on orders and handling the soap. In between all of these tasks, we still find the time for social media interactions with customers and networking to help build our brand.

Entrepreneurship is hard, let’s not sugar coat it. If I hadn’t grown the tough skin I have built while in the production of UNTOUCHD Magazine, I don’t think I would have survived (laughs).. It takes some hard qualities, and characteristics to lead this path. What would you say are some of your strongest qualities while running Herb’N Eden?

Creativity. To me, that is the pinnacle of me being the entrepreneur I want to be. I harbor a deep passion for the movement of washing our bodies with natural skin care products. I also am an avid people person, and just by talking to my customers. I get a deeper read on who they are as an individual and apply that not only to our business relationship, but a more personal one as I can more effectively give people a genuine experience when shopping with us.  

"The first thing I say to myself in the morning is “remember to keep up with your self”. My first order of business is self care."

- Terran Lewis, Founder, Owner of Herb'N Eden.


Any fun collaborations we can see in the future of Herb’N Eden?

We recently started a collaboration with Onyx Beauty Box, being featured in one of their boxes. We are now in their online store, and plan to do more with them in the near future. We are also actively looking for subscription boxes to put our product in as well. We’re also working with Gifts for Good, who specialize in corporate gifting from organizations with social causes. The great part about both of our partnerships is that they both are located in California, which gives us a much broader reach for audience.

If you were to live on an island of your dream for 30 days with the key ingredients needed to make your soaps, what would be some scents you’d come up with!? Think sand, coconut, and sunshine 24/7.

 Hmm tough question. I would definitely make one of my Originals, the Grapefruit and Himalayan Pink Salt bar. The crisp citrus aroma of grapefruit, plus the sea salt reminds me of the ocean. I would more than likely experiment with some local flowers I can find on the island. I imagine maybe something like hibiscus scented with lavender essential oil. Lavender & Grapefruit for sure are my island scents one is relaxing and the other is uplifting. I’m really all about infusing the soaps with natural ingredients and scenting them with essential oils.

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