Contemporaryologie: Minimalist Design Print To Empower Your Office Wall Art!

It's Monday, we're now in the second week of May, and 7 months until the end of 2017! Scary thoughts, but hopefully that's shaking you to get up, and ace those goals of yours! Nothing gets our productivity going like an office view + wall art. 

Our girl, Juliana, past contributor in issue 01 of UNTOUCHD has recently started an online print shop - Contemporaryologie! We love it!! Contemporaryologie brings the perfect minimalist design art that your wall craves! Not only does it share fun coding art, but you can also find a collection of images, architectural design, flowers, inspiring quotes, and the perfect #GRLPWR art you've been waiting for! Each prints come in standard 8.5 X 11 ! Now all you need is a trip to ikea for a frame, and you're ready for daily motivational view! BONUS: DISCOUNT AT END OF POST.



Each print comes as an instant download available for download upon purchase. 

You will receive:
1 PDF file in 8.5” x 11” at 300 DPI
1 JPEG file in 8.5” x 11” at 300 DPI
1 PDF file in 11” x 14” at 300 DPI
1 JPEG file in 11” x 14” at 300 DPI


Now that you have your wall art covered, how about 5 easy daily routine tips for a kickass day! 🙋

5 easy tips to apply for a healthier day (in no order, just execute).

  • Stay Hydrated 💦 - We mean h2o! coffee, and matcha lattes are great to start of with, but don't forget to drink water! We like to do switch it up a bit! Try adding either lemon, orange, or cucumber slices in your pitcher of water for a refreshing note.
  • Fresh Air 💨 - It's easy to keep glued onto our computer for X amounts of time, we're guilty! But trust us when we say it's good to take a walk, or simply take a fresher outside to your balcony/front porch. A dosage of natural vitamin c helps keep the doc away!
  • Prioritize 📝 - Make a list of what you need to accomplish today - be realistic!  Once you've created your list, make a sub-category of the details that will go into executing those tasks. Does it involve a social media post for your brand? Or crafting a contract for your new client? We like to begin our day with the tasks we can knock off right away, and then followed with the bigger ones for a more conscious block time off.
  • Keep your phone away 📵  - Yup, we're guilty of this one! Believe it or not, you'll get more shit done if you weren't on Instagram every 10 minutes peeping the new likes. Again, we're guilty! Set a timer, or simply toss your phone on the opposite side of your room for a zero distraction block time.
  • Smile 😍 - As simple as this is! Smile for yourself, it's the easiest thing you can gift yourself as you're knocking tasks off your to-do list! It is good to reward yourself of the small wins, and there's nothing like the feel of getting shit done! PS. You're beautiful! 

Juliana, shop owner of Contemporaryologie shop has been kind enough to gift a discount code with our audience, YAY! Use 25% off with purchase of 2 prints or more until the end of the month! Use code "CODEGIRLCODE" at checkout! 

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Issue 01 - Page 31.

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