Email Productivity Saved By Kiwi For Gmail

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Let’s face it, emails rule our world! In the sense that it’s a big part of our daily routine. Whether for work, personal usage, or business; we’re destined to refresh, and keep that tab open. I personally keep track of four different emails, daily. Yes, it gets busy! My productivity and organization has increased all because of Kiwi for Gmail! Seriously, come find out why! 

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Meet Kiwi For Gmail 2.0 With G-Suite

If there's one thing I have noticed is how much my productivity has spiked! As a full-time magazine editor, freelancer, and blogger, running different email accounts, and Google Drive is part of my routine. With Kiwi for Gmail, I no longer need to sign in and out from one account to the other. It allows you to access as many accounts as you want - all with a simple click!

You can easily use different colours for each of your accounts!

I have colour coded all of my accounts which has proven to be very useful. The purple account is for all things UNTOUCHD Magazine + collabs, the green is my personal account (which is overdue for a clean up, hehe), and the yellow is for my subscriptions, and account renewals - those are the main accounts I keep a daily eye on.

Now, let's talk about one of my favourite part - Google Drive. I religiously use Google Drive for all production, obvs. With UNTOUCHD, I oversee all contents, and work with different contributors each season which means, Google Docs + Sheets + Slides all day!


Google Drive Once Click Access

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Google Docs Once Opened via Kiwi For Gmail.

I love how accessible Google Drive has been with Kiwi. I no longer have to worry about which drive I am in because of the colour coordination! Win! I can easily access the drive I need, and voila! I can review, preview, and organize everything all in one session. Another great thing about it is the notification at the top of the screen.

Bonus point: you can also turn on/off your email notifications! If you are in a meeting, or on a way to give a presentation, and are expecting emails during that hour, you can simply toggle "On" to Do Not Disturb! This will not disturb the other notifications, simply your email inbox.

Kiwi For Gmail "Do Not Disturb" Option - Brilliant!

Kiwi For Gmail "Do Not Disturb" Option - Brilliant!

In conclusion, I LOVE Kiwi For Gmail! Ever since I have been using this kickass product, I have been paying more attention to my inbox, whether it is from email to files sharing with the notifications. Don't forget the short commands, too!

I have been recommending Kiwi For Gmail to my peers, and they too have found it to be very useful, and fun to use! I find Kiwi For Gmail's interface very user-friendly + accessible. While it is only accessible for Mac/OS, there is a Windows version on its way! Stay tuned

Sold?! Awesome! You can find Kiwi For Gmail on the Mac Store here.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kiwi for Gmail. All opinions are my own.